Coming September 2024




Coming Sept 2024



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Real world reviews from one of the UK’s top photographers

Honest reviews from one of the UK’s top photographers

Gear Reviews is a new photography equipment review platform that is scheduled to launched by Headshot Company in September 2024. 

Headshot Company is the world’s number one headshot solution for businesses, and Gear Reviews sets out to be a useful resource for working headshot and portrait photographers around the world.

Headshot Company founder, James Kenny, has been working as a full time freelance photographer since 2001 and has been comissioned to work in more than fifty countries. In 2016 he launched Headshot Company, which quickly grew to become the UK’s leading headshot photography business. Headshot Company works with many of the world’s leading brands, including Rockstar Games, Forbes, Emirates, BBC and Mercedes Benz.

To further position Headshot Company as a leading headshot photography brand, we have decided to launch Gear Reviews, which will act as a resource for photographers looking for independent equipment reviews from a leading photographer. 

Our reviews will cover equipment relevent to headshot and portrait photographers, such as camera, lens, lighting, grip and backgrounds. Our reviews will be uniquely produced from using equipment during real-world assignments.

We are currently looking for brands that would be interested in partnership, sponsorship and review opportunities. If this is you, please contact James directly at or call +44 (0) 7808696780.

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