Nail Your Personal Brand Shoot with These Essential Tips

A personal brand shoot is an investment in your professional image. Here at Headshot Company, we want to ensure you capture the perfect photos that truly represent your brand. To achieve this, some pre-shoot prep goes a long way. Here are our top 10 tips to prepare for your personal brand shoot:

personal brand photography
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1: Get Brand Clarity

Before we hit the shutter, it’s crucial to understand your brand identity. What are your core values, target audience, and the overall message you want to convey? Having a clear vision for your brand will guide every aspect of the shoot, from location selection to outfit choices.


2: Create a Mood Board:

Get inspired by creating a mood board! This visual tool allows you to collect images, colours, and styles that embody your brand aesthetic. It’s a fantastic way to communicate your vision to us and ensure the photos align with your brand identity.


3: Craft a Shot List (Optional)

While we love a little spontaneity, having a shot list can be helpful. It outlines specific types of photos you desire, like headshots, action shots using props, or environmental portraits reflecting your work environment. This helps us plan the shoot efficiently, but remember, we’re happy to “go with the flow” and capture some unplanned magic too!


4: Location, Location, Location

The backdrop matters! Choose a location that complements your brand image. Whether it’s your stylish office, a calming outdoor space, or even your cozy home studio, the environment should resonate with your brand personality.


5: Dress for Your Brand, Not Someone Else’s

This is YOUR personal brand shoot, so authenticity is key. While we’re happy to help you pick the perfect outfit from your existing wardrobe, we don’t recommend us dictating your attire. Feel free to share photos of potential outfits beforehand, and we’ll guide you towards what photographs best.


“James is brilliant. I first met him during a corporate headshot session for a major HR tech company, where he impressively nailed the shot on his first try. Since then, I’ve started collaborating with him for my clients as well. James excels not only in photography but also in understanding the client’s background, business needs, and providing expert guidance on lighting, venue, outfits, and poses. This holistic approach perfectly aligns with the client’s ultimate goals. I am thrilled to have partnered with James for my personal brand coaching clients and eagerly anticipate our future projects together. 

Meryem Adak – Personal Brand Coach

personal brand photography
personal brand photography

6: Hair & Makeup

Whether you prefer a professional stylist or prefer to do your own hair and makeup, the choice is yours! Our recommendation? Opt for your usual everyday look. Don’t overdo it – you want to look like the polished and confident version of yourself. We have a networks of hair and make up artists in London and other locations that we have worked with in the past and can recommend. 

7: Props: Personalise Your Shoot

Props can add a personal touch and layer of meaning to your photos. Think about objects that represent your profession, hobbies, or personality. A notebook for a writer, flowers for a florist, or even your beloved dog – the possibilities are endless!

8: Free Consultation with James

Every personal brand shoot package includes a complimentary consultation with James. This is your chance to brainstorm ideas, discuss your vision, and ask any questions you might have. James is a pro at calming nerves, so don’t hesitate to bring up any anxieties you have about the shoot.

9: Embrace Flexibility

Sometimes the most captivating photos are unplanned. While a loose shot list helps guide the session, we encourage an element of spontaneity. Some of our best shots have emerged organically during the shoot, so be open to letting the creative flow take hold!

10: Be Well-Rested and Ready to Shine

Getting a good night’s sleep before your shoot will ensure you feel refreshed and energised. Tie up any loose ends beforehand to minimise stress, and arrive feeling confident and ready to showcase your amazing personal brand!

personal brand photography

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