Headshot Company recently shot headshots of the guests at the 2023 Black Counsel Forum. The Black Counsel Forum is a conference for black lawyers of all levels in the UK. Sharon Thomas, the founder of BCF, was looking for an added benefit and attraction for the event, and found just that with our event headshot booth service.

Events organisers are always looking for new ideas to bring life to their events and create an engaging, memorable experience for their guests. Giveaways have always been a brilliant way to add value to your event, but lets face it, does that branded pen or tote bag with your event’s logo on it really hold any value to your guests? We think, and most people that we have organised event headshot booths for agree, that there are very few giveaway ideas for events that match the value of a free corporate headshot. 

“They were surprised and thrilled it was free for them! People Loved the new headshots!”

Sharon Thomas – Black Counsel Forum


Scheduling a headshot session can be time-consuming and expensive. A headshot booth at your event eliminates all of that hassle. Attendees can simply walk up and get their photo taken in a matter of minutes. Add to that the fact that the headshot will be taken by a multi-award winning headshot photographer with over twenty years of experience and fully retouched and people really appreciate this giveaway at your event!

“Great experience with Headshot Company and love my shots!”

Isaac Eloi – BCF Guest

James is simply amazing and knows how to make diamonds out of rough visages

Mikhail Charles – BCF Guest

“Such a warm and engaging photographer! Determined to make you look your absolute best.

Nankunda Katangaza – BCF Guest

A headshot booth at your event, trade show or expo isn’t just great for engagement on the day. The added value is that when your guests receive their retouched headshot a few days after your event, they will likely upload it to LinkedIn and other social media channels and give your event another spike of activity. Here’s a few shots from the 2023 Black Counsel Forum in Brighton (which by the way, is an absolutely wonderful event):

Headshot Company | Corporate Photographers
Headshot Company | Corporate Photographers

If you’d lik to find out more about The Black Counsel Forum, visit their website www.blackcounselforum.com

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Headshot booths are a great way to add some excitement and fun to your event. Attendees will love getting their photos taken, and they’ll have fun sharing them on social media afterwards. We’d love to talk and provide you with a besoke quote. Get in touch.

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