Evox Therapeutics is a biotechnology company based in Oxford. They are pioneering the development of exosome therapeutics, a new class of drugs with the potential to treat a wide range of diseases. They recently commissioned Headshot Company to capture their team at their offices within The Oxford Science Park.

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Evox Therapeutics is at the forefront of exosome therapeutics and is developing targeted exosome-based therapies for serious, life-threatening rare diseases. So what does that mean? Imagine your cells are little factories, and exosomes are like messenger packages they send out. These packages contain instructions (molecules like proteins and RNA) that can influence other cells.

Exosome therapeutics is a new field that uses these exosomes for medical treatments. Here’s how it can benefit the world:

  • Cell-free therapy: Instead of transplanting stem cells, which can be risky, exosomes can deliver their beneficial effects without the whole cell.
  • Targeted treatments: Scientists can modify exosomes to target specific organs or cell types, making treatments more precise.
  • Treat new diseases: Exosomes might help with conditions where traditional treatments struggle, like neurodegenerative diseases or wound healing.

It’s an exciting area of research, but there’s still more to learn. Think of it as a promising new tool in the doctor’s toolbox!

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Our team photographed the staff at Evox in one afternoon, using a small, portable studio set up in the company’s boardroom. The photoshoot at Evox Therapeutics highlights the convenience and efficiency of mobile staff headshot photography.Here’s how your company can benefit:

  • Simplified Scheduling: Mobile studios can set up quickly at your office, minimising disruption and allowing employees to get their headshots taken during breaks, in between meetings or during downtime.

  • Cost-Effective: Our mobile staff photography service is incredibly cost effective- our packages for teams start from just £350.

  • Comfort and Convenience: Employees are photographed in a familiar environment, potentially leading to more relaxed and natural expressions in their headshots.

  • Professional Results: A mobile studio produces the same results as images shot in a dedicated photography studio.

Investing in mobile staff headshot photography is a smart way to showcase your team’s professionalism and create a consistent visual identity across your online platforms.

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