The Truth Behind Authentic Headshots

This morning I received a recommendation on LinkedIn from Ize Idemudia, COO and Managing Director at Morgan Stanley. She called my headshots “professional and authentic.” That got me thinking: what exactly makes a headshot “authentic”?

Let’s face it, the world is obsessed with perfection. AI-generated headshots are a thing, promising flawless complexions and wrinkle-free smiles. But of course, they’re not capturing a real moment in time, a real you.


Now, real-life headshots can fall into the unauthentic trap too. Have you sat for a photographer that directed you into a rigid pose that feels completely out of character? That forced smile and awkward posture don’t exactly scream “authenticity” either.


As a photographer, I take a different approach. First, I chat with you, letting you relax into the session. Subtly, I observe how you stand (or sit) and hold yourself naturally. Then, during the shoot, I gently nudge you back into those natural positions, because that’s the true “you”. 


Finally, let’s talk retouching. A little blemish removal here and there is fine, but there’s a line. Excessive retouching erases the things that make you unique, making the headshot less about you and more about an unattainable ideal.


Here at Headshot Company, authenticity is paramount. Our goal is to capture you at your best, laugh lines and all. Because those are the things that tell your story and make you interesting. Through expert lighting, subtle retouching, and a focus on your natural personality, we’ll create a headshot that’s both professional and undeniably you.

Let us help you create a powerful headshot that showcases your confidence and professionalism.

Headshot Company