Professional staff headshots are a cornerstone of a strong company image. They build trust with clients, foster a sense of team spirit internally, and put a polished face on your brand. But scheduling and coordinating headshots for an entire office can feel daunting. Here at Headshot Company, we take the stress out of the process, bringing the studio directly to you.

Planning Your On-Site Shoot

  • Consultation: We start with a conversation to understand your company’s needs. How many staff members require headshots? What kind of background aesthetic are you looking for? Will you need a specific format (portrait, square, etc.) We’ll also discuss budget and answer any questions you might have.

  • Scheduling: We’ll work with you to find a convenient date and time that minimizes disruption to your workflow. We can accommodate large teams by setting up a quick and efficient scheduling system with short time slots for each employee. Or we can go with an ‘open-door’ approach. We can advise on which may work better for you.

  • Preparation: We’ll provide a pre-shoot guide for your staff, covering attire suggestions, posing tips, and what to expect on the day.

Setting Up Your Pop-Up Studio

On the day of the shoot, our photographer, James, arrives at your office with all the necessary equipment to create a mini studio. This includes:

  • Lighting: We use professional lighting equipment to ensure consistent, flattering light for every headshot.

  • Backdrop: We offer a variety of backdrop options, from classic solid colors to more creative and branded choices. We can even use a designated area of your office as a backdrop if it aligns with your desired aesthetic. This will be agreed in advance.

  • Photography Expertise: James will ensure a smooth and efficient process while putting your staff members at ease. They’ll provide clear instructions and guidance to capture the perfect headshot for everyone.

Below you can see some examples of our pop-up studio in client offices. We can work with any amount of space:

Delivering Your Photos

After the shoot, we will provide you with the RAW (unedited) images to make your selections for retouch. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can make the selections for you. Sometimes this is better for larger teams, as it can take some time for everyone to make their mind up!

Benefits of On-Site Headshots

  • Convenience: No need for your staff to travel to an external studio. We bring the studio to you, minimising disruption to the workday.

  • Time-efficient: Our streamlined process ensures quick turnaround times, allowing your team to get back to work quickly.

  • Cost-effective: On-site shoots can be a more budget-friendly option compared to individual studio sessions for each staff member.

  • Cohesive Branding: We work with you to create a consistent look and feel for all your headshots, reinforcing your brand identity.

Invest in Your Team’s Image

Professional staff headshots are a valuable investment in your company’s professional image. Headshot Company makes the process seamless and stress-free. Contact us today to discuss your on-site headshot needs and elevate the way your team is presented to the world.

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