It’s now more important than ever to look professional on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. The first step towards having a profile that potential employers, prospective clients and collaborators will think looks professional, is to use a professional image as your profile picture. But what if you don’t have the time or budget to book a session? And what if you have an image that you already love- but it just doesn’t look professional? Well… we can help!

If you already have an image that you love, but it doesn’t look like a professional headshot, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a virtual headshot service that can transform your existing photo into a professional, studio-style headshot.

Usually, our virtual headshot service requires that you shoot a base image using our free guide. However, we appreciate that often people will require a professional headshot in a hurry, or they simply just don’t want to shoot a new image.

By using a similar approach to how we produce our standard virtual headshots, we are able to turn your existing image into a professional-looking headshot, that most people will think you had taken in a studio!

It’s not often that someone captures the perfect photograph of you that you’re happy to show to the world. But when they do, and you want to use the image on professional platforms, it’s a shame not to be able to because the setting, or background, isn’t appropriate.

This is where our virtual headshot service comes in., We can take your image from whatever setting (maybe you were at a restaurant, wedding or other event) and fully retouch the image so that you are instead in a professional setting or studio. 

There are many services that offer this solution, but most of them are flawed. So how to we do it?

1: Image upscaling

Chances are, that the image you have already is going to be fairly low resolution. The first part of our process is to upscale your image so it looks like it was taken on a professional camera, not a phone! We used advanced softward to regenerate new pixels in your image, resulting in a crisp, high resolution file for us to work on. We are the only virtual headshot service that offers this and it is a crucial step to ensuring a high-quality finished image.

image upscaling
image cutout virtual headshot

2: Image Cutout


Also known as ‘clipping’ in the trade, this is where we separate you from whatever background you are against in your original image. Many services will use automated AI tools for this, but the results vary wildly and the quality of an AI cutout will never compare to one that has been carried out by hand. People send us images with all types of backgrounds, and each one has to be approached differently. 

3: Retouch


Once again, this process is carried out by hand by a multi award-winning retoucher with two decades of experience. No AI tool can match the level of skill that goes into each and every one of our virtual headshots. This process involve removing blemishes, brightening eyes, whitening teeth and smoothing out wrinkles. We are also happy to carry out specific requests during this part of the process- just let us know what you’d like doing!

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4: Finishing retouches and colour correction


The final part of the process is for us to bring everything together by colour grading your image (base images have usually been taken in awful lighting conditions, so we change this to bring it more in line with a studio shot). We also adjust the image brightness and contrast at this point.

As you can see, a lot of work (and a lot of experience) goes into our virtual headshots, which is why we remain the go-to for anyone looking to turn their photo into a high quality professional headshot. This service costs just £75, and we can turn images around same-day.

Are you looking to turn your photo into a professional headshot?

If you’d like to turn your photo into a professional headshot, there are a number of services out there but as you can see from this article, many of them will use AI tools to get the job done quickly, resulting in poor results. We’re happy to take a look at your original image before you commit to ordering a virtual headshot, so please get in touch.

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