Virtual Headshots: More Than Just A Background Swap

In today’s remote-first world, professional virtual headshots have become an essential tool for building a strong online presence. But what exactly makes a virtual headshot truly professional? Here at Headshot Company, we go beyond the simple background swap to deliver exceptional results that leave a lasting impression.

While a simple background change can certainly improve the look of your headshot, it’s just one of the steps in our meticulous virtual headshot process. Here’s what sets our service apart:

  • Image Upscaling: We are the only virtual headshot service that offers image upscaling as a part of our process. This step generates new pixels to upscale relatively low resolution phone-shot base images close to the resolution of a D-SLR image.

  • Expert Colour Correction: Lighting conditions can drastically impact the overall tone and feel of your headshot. Our team of skilled retouchers meticulously colour corrects each image, achieving a natural and balanced look that flatters your complexion and creates a realistic looking virtual headshot.

  • Full Retouching: Minor blemishes, flyaways, or uneven skin tone can be distracting in a headshot. Our retouching process is subtle and designed to enhance your natural features, not mask them. We focus on preserving your unique look while achieving a polished and professional final image.

The combination of these techniques elevates your virtual headshot beyond a simple background change. We deliver studio-quality results, ensuring you look your absolute best in all your online interactions.

What are the benefits of a Headshot Company virtual headshot?

  • Convenience: Capture your headshot from the comfort of your own home, in your own time.
  • Time-Saving: No need to schedule an appointment with a photographer – we handle everything remotely.
  • Cost-Effective: Our virtual headshots are a budget-friendly option compared to traditional, in-person headshot sessions.
  • Scalability: Perfect for large teams – everyone can get professional headshots in their own time.

Ready to take your headshot game to the next level?

Book your virtual headshot with Headshot Company today and experience the difference a professional, fully-retouched virtual headshot can make.

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