Whether you’re an actor, CEO or small business owner, your headshot is likely going to be the first image of you that your clients/casting director sees. Now that social media platforms such as LinkedIn have taken on such an important role in promoting ourselves professionally, and similarly for actors, websites such as StarNow, it is more important than ever to have a professional headshot. Below we have outlines five reasons you should look to get a professionally shot headshot if you already havent…


1: You will look more professional

A good quality, well produced headshot conveys your professionalism. If you look professional, potential clients, investors and collaborators that don’t know you already are going to be much more likely to agree to that first meeting. Remember, your headshot is often peoples first impression of you- make it count.

2: It conveys your personality

A good headshot photographer will be able to direct you in such a way that your personality will come across in your headshot. This gives people an idea of your personality before they meet you. A smile portrays warmth and approachability, a more focussed look portrays determination and confidence. Your headshot photographer should work with you to shoot a variety of expressions.

3: It Puts A Face To A Name

These days, particularly in the post-covid world, a lot of people work remotely- sometimes with entire teams working together that have never met in real life. It’s always nice to put a face to a name and a professionally shot headshot is much better for this purpose than a selfie for example, as the image will be much clearer and, as mentioned previously, convey a little bit of your personality too.

4: It makes you stand out

Hiring a professional headshot photographer to take your headshot will separate you from the hoards of selfies and holiday snaps that can still be found on LinkedIn profiles. You can pretty quickly see from scanning over profiles and ‘meet the team’ pages on company websites who has gone to the effort of having a professional headshot taken.

5: It feels good! 

A professional headshot photographer will make you feel good about yourself! Fact! During the shoot you will be guided through the process and made to feel relaxed, therefore resulting in more flattering images. A good headshot photographer also knows all the tricks to get the best looking image for different face types… no more double chins!


Professional headshots used to be the sort of thing CEO’s of large companies would get, but these days it’s much more common for all types of professionals to seek out a headshot photographer. We work with business people, actors, medical professionals and even politicians to make sure we capture a headshot that gives off the right impression.

Some of our recent headshots:

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