If you’re business has its teams spread over multiple locations- whether that’s multiple offices or remote team members that work from home- getting headshots for your team that are consistent and in line with your brand is either going to be impossible, expensive, or incredibly difficult to plan. You could try traditional headshots, with multiple photographers shooting the same style in all of your team member locations, but virtual headshots are much more convenient for busy remote teams.

A virtual headshot is a picture that has been self shot, and then digitally processed by our in-house retoucher. This process includes background removal, lighting and colour correction, and of course, skin retouching. The end result is as close to a professionally shot headshot as you can get- and a consistent look and feel across your remote teams headshots on social media and your website.



Virtual headshots are the perfect solution for remote teams and can be used almost anywhere. As well as a company “meet the team” page, virtual headshots can be used in email signatures and on professional platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. They can also be used for training, presentations, and in meetings. Virtual headshots enable you to get the uniform look of having your entire team photographed by the same photographer- without the need to send a photographer around the world!


When you’re working with a remote team, it’s nice to put a face to the name.

When you’re working with a remote team, it’s nice to know who you are dealing with.  Virtual headshots are a cost-effective way to ensure everyone in your team, regardless of their location, has a professional headshot that is in line with the company brand image. A virtual headshot is a tool that your team members can use whenever and wherever they want- from their Skype profile, to LinkedIn and Twitter. 


How do virtual headshots work?

Our virtual headshot service for remote teams is a simple process- firstly, we discuss the style of image you would like, whether that be a standard corporate headshot against a grey backdrop, or you would like your team against a brand colour, or maybe even a shot of the office in the background. Once we have agreed this, we send over a PDF guide outlining how to shoot the images- this enables your team to ‘self shoot’ their image. As a standard rule, we ask each person to submit three images and from their we pick the strongest/most suitable for editing. The guide includes information on what type of device to use, and where to stand for the best lighting.

Once everyone has shot their images, they are sent over to us and we begin the process of editing the headshots to the pre agreed style. This process begins with ‘clipping’ or cutting out the person so that we can remove them from the background. We then crop the images so they are all of the same composition, then add in the background you have chosen. This is often a brand colour or a standard studio style backdrop. Each image is then hand retouched- this includes removal of blemishes, skin softening, removing stray hairs, correcting the colour and adjusting brightness, contrast and sharpening. 

Upon completion of the post processing of your virtual headshots, we packages them up and deliver them via a file sharing system- usually WeTransfer. The entire process of producing your virtual headshots can take as little as 24 hours provided the self shot images are submitted to us quickly.


We hope you found this article helpful, and we encourage you to take advantage of our virtual headshot service. If you have any questions about how it works or if there’s anything else we can do for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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