At Headshot Company, we understand the need for efficient and professional headshot photography, especially when dealing with large volumes. Whether it’s capturing hundreds of students during on-campus headshot days, photographing company-wide staff headshots, or setting up a headshot booth at a bustling expo, we’re the experts you can rely on.

For over two decades, we’ve meticulously honed our workflow to ensure a seamless high-volume headshot experience. This translates to capturing up to 500 professional headshots daily, consistently delivering exceptional results for multiple days in a row.

Here’s what sets us apart when it comes to high volume headshots:

  • Streamlined Process: Our years of experience have allowed us to perfect a swift and efficient process, minimising wait times and maximising output.
  • Experienced Team: Our photographer and assistants are highly skilled at working under pressure and maintaining a positive, relaxed environment.
  • Quality at Scale: We don’t compromise on quality for quantity. Even in high-volume settings, we ensure each headshot receives the attention it deserves to produce a polished, professional image.
  • Seamless Logistics: We handle all the logistical aspects, from setting up a portable studio to efficient background changes, ensuring the process runs smoothly.
  • Customisation: We understand that every situation is unique. We work closely with you to customise the headshot experience to your specific needs and preferences.

By choosing Headshot Company for your high-volume headshot needs, you can expect:

  • Increased Efficiency: Get the headshots you need captured quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Reduced Stress: Our experienced team will handle everything, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.
  • Consistent Quality: Receive a collection of professional headshots that meet your high standards, even in a high-volume setting.
  • Positive Experience: We create a positive and professional environment for everyone involved.

Ready to capture professional headshots for your large group? Contact Headshot Company today and let our expertise work for you!

We worked with James on a corporate photography portrait project over several weeks. We found him to be very professional, organised and structured in his work and delivered on our high expectations. We also found that he was very easy to work with with great customer service. His communication was good, and many of the subjects commented on how James made them relaxed and comfortable.

Charlie Kinloch – Staff Headshot Client

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