Virtual headshots are becoming a popular solution for individuals and entire companies looking to capture professional looking headshots without having to arrange an in person photoshoot. Virtual headshots are a great solution for a number of reasons, whether that be a tight timeframe, budget constraints or that fact that a team is spread around the world and an in-person headshot session would be impossible. In this article we have outlined the top five benefits of virtual headshots. 

1: anywhere

Virtual headshots enable you to capture consistent, high quality headshots of your team, regardless of their location. This is particularly good news for companies with offices in multiple locations, and team members who live far away from the office and work from home. We have worked with companies whose staff are based in multiple offices in the UK, and companies whose staff are based across four continents! 

virtual headshots with office background

2: Any Time

Getting virtual headshots for your business means that your team members can shoot and submit their images at their own convenience. This usually means that the creation of your staff’s virtual headshots happens much quicker than an in-person headshot session. We’ve managed to complete a company with 90 staff within 48 hours of their initial enquiry before!

3: No Planning

Most probably the number one reason to choose virtual headshots over an in person headshot session is that there is no planning required. The logistics of planning a session at your offices can be somewhat complicated- working around when people are on annual leave etc. this is particularly true for larger groups, where planning a headshot session at your location can become a mammoth task. There’s always the possibility that someone could be off sick on the day of your shoot too. Not an issue with virtual headshots!

4: Cost

Virtual headshots are incredibly cost effective. Our virtual headshots start from just £75 for individuals and £50 per person for teams. Of course, the cost for us to travel to multiple office locations can run quite high depending on where abouts the offices are located. Opting for virtual headshots means you do not have to worry about travel costs- which is what makes them so popular with large organisations with based on multiple countries.  

5: Quality

By carefully following the guide that is sent out to your team, and with the careful processing carried out by us after the images have been submitted, it would be hard for most people to tell that the virtual headshots we produce are virtual at all! We have been the UK’s leading corporate photography specialists since 2016, and our pedigree in this industry is unmatched. The level of our post-production image handling and retouched is unrivalled.



Virtual Headshots

We hope you found this article helpful, and we encourage you to take advantage of our virtual headshot service. If you have any questions about how it works or if there’s anything else we can do for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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